Here at Bakersfield Miracle Healing Center we deeply care for everyone who comes thru our doors. But with the COVID-19 stay at home order this is not possible. But that doesn’t mean we are closed. We are here for you with connections for whatever you need. Our focus is on healing the inner man. We have decided to tele-pray for you. God isn’t limited by time and space like we are. It is our privilege to see yo receive your miracle.

Here is how you can get the prayer you need:

  • Call us at (661) 549-0511 Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:45 – 8:00 PM
  • We will register you over the phone and place your name in line for prayer.
  • When it is your turn we will call you and pray with you.
  • You receive your healing.

You can opt to be prayed for by phone only or we can Skype, Zoom or Facebook you. These have the advantage of being able to see and hear each other. All are free for your computer, laptop or mobile device. You will need to set up an account. But don’t worry, no financial information is collected. We actually prefer Zoom but can use either.

Click here to get Skype:

Click here to get Zoom:

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